Learning Chef / The ultimate guide to getting started with Chef

This will serve as a single point reference to find all resources you need to get started with chef, devops and writing your infrastructure as a code. Written by a devops, chef, puppet, automation, cloud, continuous delivery and integration and linux expert Gourav Shah. Gourav Conducts classroom as well as corporate trainings for companies in India and online tutorials to students across the globe.

Configuring Chef to run from behind Corporate Firewall

This article explains how to run chef behind web http proxy, firewall and with corporate security policies in place. Chef server used is Hosted Chef, and OS ubnutu 12.04. Explains how to do knife http proxy settings and apt proxy settings.

Get, Set….Deploy with AWS Marketplace

Leading Cloud Computing provider, AWS, launches Marketplace to provide access to myriads of softwares, enables 1-click launch, management interface over its ec2 platform. Provides a simple and quick way for independant software vendors to market their products, get access to large customer base and use managed utility billing model.

This Week in Cloud – Issue 1

HP Launches Public Cloud Offerings, Rightscale follows it with adding support for HP Cloud. OpenNebula 3.4 Released. Instagram Cloud Architecture. AWS launches CloudSearch, IBM and Redhat join Openstack and more.

HP Public Cloud Services – A Cloud Architect’s Analysis

HP announced beta program for its publick cloud based on openstack. What does this mean for a cloud architect. Here is a analysis of HP Cloud, its features, pricing , getting started guide and comparison with Amazon Web Services.

Google Organizes Think Cloud 2012 for Indian Enterprises

Google Presented Think Cloud 2012 Keynote for CIOs of top enterprises in India to give them an overview of future trends – mobile, social and cloud. And also introduced Google Apps for Enterprise and Google Plus.