Amazon Machine Learning for Analysing Big Data

As Big data analytics gaining popularity, Amazon Web Services (AWS) launched a new technology called ‘Amazon Machine Learning,’ to analyse large amounts of information. Amazon Machine Learning is a cloud based service designed to extract relevant information from massive data repositories. It can help companies analyse large amounts of specific data and apply them to […]

Lessons from using Ansible exclusively for 2 years.

Today we’re glad to share a post written by Corban Raun about Ansible Playbooks. Corban is a Linux Systems Administrator and has been working with Ansible for 2 years. As he shared experience about his career, he came to a point in his career where he desperately needed a configuration management tool. He started looking […]

Puppet Enterprise 3.8 – Easiest way to Automate Provisioning and Manage Infrastructure as Code

Provisioning new machines into an environment can be a common source of IT bottlenecks and downtime. Manually racking and stacking servers or deploying cloned images can often delay the availability of new systems by days or weeks. Manual processes can introduce human error and magnify those problems when replicated within cloned images. To withdraw these problems recently puppet has […]

Why is devops growing

Hey Geeks!! Still confused with what is devops , what are its benefits or how is it different? In this presentation ReleaseLogics explains why is Devops growing. This presentation gives the simple explanation about 1. What is devops 2. Benefits 3. Forces behind the growth of Devops 4. How does it differ from traditional/old way of […]

Google Cloud Platform Gets Integrated Log Management

Google has added a service that makes it easy to ingest, view, search and analyze logs generated by Compute Engine and App Engine. Google Cloud Logging is available in beta to help you manage all of your Google Compute Engine and Google App Engine logs in one place, and collect, view, analyze and export them. By […]

“Click To Deploy” Puppet — Really?

Google has introduced “Click to deploy” option using which you can deploy Open Source Puppet on Google Compute Engine. The feature is designed to make it simpler for systems administrators to quickly set up the tool on Google’s Compute Engine platform and use it to automate tasks like installing, configuring and upgrading software on virtual […]

The “Cold” Cloud Wars : Amazon VS Google

Google Inc. vs. Who Will Win The “Cold” Cloud Wars? This is an interesting article about the competition between Google and Amazon. Google recently introduced “Nearline” which can store older data in “cold storage”. Amazon had targeted the same market by introducing “Glacier” which is a similar service in 2012. The article includes How both Google […]

Continuous Delivery with Puppet Enterprise and CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise Webinar

Hey Devops Geeks check out out the upcoming Webinar on “Continuous Delivery with Puppet Enterprise and CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise” Its a 60-minute webinar in which you’ll learn 1. How to use Puppet Enterprise together with CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise. 2. How it will help you to achieve continuous delivery of infrastructure services. The webinar is on Tuesday, March 17th at […]